The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to Verification

Dumping ground of useful links/articles/tips/tricks on System Verilog/VMM/OVM as and when I stumble upon them and some of my views on it :)

Slides from DVCon UK 2011

Pointer to UPF standard online

 UPF 1.0 standard
UPF 2.0 standard via scribd. Can be viewed online.

A nice blog on Power Aware Verification/UPF

Today I came across a nice blog on UPF/Low Power. Sharing it

Mentor Graphics NOIDA is hiring.

Please mail me your resume at if you want to apply to any of the below jobs.

One small update

Hi all,

To begin with let me thank all for visiting my blog. I have got many feedback on how people (few whom I know personally, and many I don't know) have used my blog for learning SV and preparing for job interviews. It feel good knowing that I have contributed something positively (a very little, I know :)) to the society via my blog. 

There is a small news to share with you all. Recently I have joined Mentor Graphics NOIDA as LMTS, where I am involved in tool development effort. So it is hardcore C++ coding/debug for me, and very little SystemVerilog/Verification. So from now on I am planning to blog on C/C++/SW development mostly, little less SV.


Wavedrom : Web based Waveform editor

Few nice articles on UVM

Easier UVM for Functional Verification by Mainstream Users :: From Doulos

How Do I Get Environment Variable into a String in SystemVerilog

From Synopsys Solvnet, Needs to have Solvnet id, seems to be specific to VCS

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